The perspective diving technologies
with unlimited depth of immersing
and extraction of  mineral resources
of the World Ocean.        The perspective diving technologies on Russian language

(The mathematical theory of the two-legged robot-avatar)

In the last few years we can observe the certain progress in the field of the robotics, what allows to predict with a high probability qualitative leap, as a result of will be occurrence of the robotized diving technologies, and it allowing to us to do the high-grade underwater works on any depths.

Here as examples of the outlined tendencies of the engineering developments I can show on the exoskeletons, which be created by the American and Japanese firms:


The experimental exoskeleton for military uses of American firm the Raytheon:


The development of the Japanese experts:


Exoskeleton of American firm the Raytheon


The exoskeleton, made in Japan


However the critics of the existing designs of the exoskeletons indicate explicit defects of the these models. The main defect of the already existing exoskeletons - absence of a "long-playing" energy sources.


Therefore we as yet  can not have the seriously talk about an opportunity of practical use of the exoskeletons in those spheres of human activity which developers of these devices declare (as a power-plant, basis, for creation heavy armoured suit of the infantryman or for use on handling operations).

Nevertheless, the existing designs of the exoskeletons, despite of their defects, already now are not useless toys as they in the long term can be used for remote control by anthropomorphous robots.


For example, for management of such robot,
as Japanese


Or the development of the Italian experts:


The robot Asimo


The robot-child. Made in Italy


All that is required for the organization of remote control by the anthropomorphous robot - it a special the support mechanism, which gives the certain angular orientation to a body of the person-operator, the same that have and the torso of the robot.
Below on the drawings I show  of the such
the support mechanism with the person-operator inside (it is system of rings like gimbal mount of a gyroscope), near I show of the image of the anthropomorphous robot-diver, which reiterate the movements of the human-operator.


The human-operator, which will control in the copying regime by the anthropomorphous robot by means of a special suit (exoskeleton) and of a special the support mechanism


The anthropomorphous robot-diver, which reiterate the movements of the human-operator


The theory of the support mechanism and sensors of angular orientation has been quite in detail developed in the ninetieth years of the last century (the patent number 2134193 RU). The visitor of it of a Web site can at desire in detail be familiarized here with this fundamental work:


The description of an invention 


Thus, presently already there are all preconditions for creation of the device, which allow to us to distantly control by anthropomorphous robots, walking on two legs.
The similar
remotely-operated anthropomorphous robots can find wide enough use in various spheres of human activity: as rescuers, fireman (firerobots), sappers, divers, ... I.e. in those spheres of human activity, where the life and health of the person is expose to a risk. Or where the person without special protective devices itself cannot directly work, for example, on very big depths. If we shall supply the remotely-operated anthropomorphous copying robot-diver of jet propellers, as at the hard diving suit, then he by a maneuverability will not concede to the hard diving suits. At the same time the robot can dive more deeply and his exploitation is safe.
I cannot allege with full certainty, that the method, offered by me, will allow to operate walking of the overland
walking robot. Because on land at movement of the robot there can be considerable linear accelerations of the torso of the robot, which we cannot reproduce in the support mechanism. These considerable linear accelerations can be important, for example, for regulation of length of a step of the robot.
At the same time I can speak with an absolute guarantee, that the method, offered by me, will allow us successfully to operate by
the anthropomorphous robot-diver. Since water has the much greater density (viscosity) in comparison with an atmosphere of the land. Thereby in water there will be no considerable linear accelerations. Moreover, the robot-diver in thickness of water will be moving by means of jet propellers and only on a place of work the robot-diver will be using the feet for more exact positioning of own torso. In other words we have the opportunity of creation of the diving technology, with unlimited depth of immersing and maximally comfortable in exploitation (the maximally ergonomic).


The note: it is necessary to notice, that the similar support mechanism in a combination with exoskeleton allows to plunge into virtual reality it is obvious enough decision. I have paid here attention to this absolutely obvious circumstance only because the engineers of many countries try to create  various devices for immersing in a virtual reality (various gloves, suits, helmets, platforms, omni-directional treadmills, Virtual sphere of brothers Latypovs, ...). But any of these devices cannot compete with the support mechanism in a combination with an exoskeleton, how it is described in my invention.


What prospects will be open with occurrence of diving technology with unlimited depth of immersing?


The answer is obvious - it extraction of minerals from a bottom of the World ocean.


Here it will be quite pertinent to recollect installation of a flag of Russia on a bottom of North Pole in august 2007 and the meeting of Security Council of Russia concerning development of Arctic regions of 9/17/2008 and also the outing of Security Council of Russia on the Franz Josef Land:


installation of a flag of Russia on a bottom of North Pole


the outing of Security Council of Russia on the Franz Josef Land


Also it will be pertinent to recollect objections of the Canada against of the territorial claims of Russia. And in this connexion of the trip of the prime minister of Canada to subpolar areas of the country:


Minister for Foreign Affairs of Canada


The prime minister of Canada


Also it is possible to indicate attempts of the USA to interfere in the process of a distribution of the disputable Arctic territories and on of the conference of the NATO, devoted to a question of a resources of Arctic regions.


Attempts of the USA to interfere in the process of a distribution of the disputable Arctic territories


The conference of the NATO, devoted to a question of a resources of Arctic regions


Besides the USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway and other countries of NATO even China and Japan wish to participate in a sharing of mineral resources of Arctic regions.

However, if will not be created described here the good diving technologies, which allow to make underwater works on any depth, then the all these conferences, diplomatic retorts, the scientific (unscientific) expeditions and all other attempts substantiate of the own territorial claims remind of the useless petty intrigues.

On bitter experience of Russia in the time of
tragedy with a submarine "Kursk" and comedies with bathyscaphe "AS-28" all world had an opportunity be convinced that it is very important to have good diving technologies:


The tragedy of the submarine "Kursk"


The farce with bathyscaphe AS-28


From this of the video films we can see, that Russia could not lead independently underwater works even on depth 100 - 250 meters.
While in
disputable area of the North Pole the depth of the ocean floor is 3 - 4 kilometers. The rigid diving-suits, existing now, are not suitable for work on such depth. At the same time, existent nowadays the remote-controlled underwater robots not can provide necessary quality and productivity of underwater works. Russia, for example, cannot already 20 years lift the submarine "Komsomolets".
Therefore without technology offered by me (the
anthropomorphous robot - diver), on a deep water shelf simply impossibly anything will make.

It is obvious, that if nation no have the necessary
diving technologies, then she not can have and the deep-sea continental shelf!


The underwater devices of other (not anthropomorphous) design, existing at present, will not can compete with anthropomorphous underwater robots. Just as its the not anthropomorphous devices cannot now compete by the convenience of management to a hard diving suit - only for this reason the hard diving suits and be use on practice.


And robots with an artificial intellect owing to the they of stupidity in the near future also cannot make a competition to the method of remote control by the humanoid robots, described here.


Therefore only that country, which the first will take possession by this key diving technology, with unlimited depth of immersing, described in patent for invention 2134193 Ru, can have pretensions on a mineral resources of the World ocean.


Thus, the Big Races in Arctic have begun!


perspective diving technologies


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