The humanoid robot-child. Made in Italy:

The humanoid robot-child


And other useful video fragments for proving, that the modern industry can easily cope with a problem of creation of the brainless anthropomorphic robots, which will under control only by means of the copying mode (accordingly and with creation of the anthropomorphic robots-divers)

  • The robot-model, made by experts of Japan.

  • The British robot with flexible fingers.

  • Hi-tech artificial limb of a hand.

  • Old development of the company "Sarcos" - the humanoid robot - actor (1999 year).

  • The anthropomorphic hydraulic robot of the company "Sarcos".

  • The dancing anthropomorphic robots.

  • The anthropomorphous robot created by pupils of the Ufa college.

  • The Japanese exoskeleton for gardeners.  - There is such an impression, that the Japanese already and do not know where else to apply the exoskeleton, but at the same time they have very big wish to make his and to sell.